Platform Developer – REMOTE

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Platform Developer – REMOTE

Job Description

Platform Developer Location: n/a

About My Client Founded in 2012, they are an online technology and services company with offices in Malta, London, Gibraltar and Cape Town. They are looking to hire into their global distributed team.


Role They need a server-side focussed developer to help them improve their core platform services. If you can help them build a next-generation system, they’re interested in talking to you.

What you already have:
  • Expertise in the Java language (3 years minimum)
  • Exposure to at least one other JVM based language
  • The ability to write raw SQL beyond just simple select statements (1-year minimum)
  • Familiarity with automated testing
  • Good interpersonal skills and a great team attitude
  • The ability to quickly learn new things and adapt

What they’d like you to have in an ideal world:

  • Some experience with Scala and its ecosystems such as Play and Akka
  • Familiarity with Java Servlets, because there’s always legacy code
  • Working knowledge of functional programming and its advantages
  • An understanding of asynchronous/reactive programming
  • Exposure to integrating third-party APIs
  • Experience in performance profiling and tuning Java applications
  • Some experience with PHP as some parts of their system is written in it

Their Approach:

  • A small company, can-do ethos
  • They focus on getting stuff done, not on process or management hierarchy
  • A distributed workforce but communicating regularly
  • Sharing expertise and learning from others to keep improving as a team
  • A flexible working schedule

The job:

  • Working remotely
  • Adding new features to the existing platform
  • Adding new integrations to the existing platform
  • Working with the rest of the team to migrate the platform to a new architecture and technology stack based around Scala + Akka.
  • Developing services to support websites and administration UI, working with front end developers as necessary
  • Diagnosing and fixing production issues
  • Taking part in code reviews
  • Not being phased by the strange variety of things that need doing in a small growing company
  • Being proactive and not just waiting to be told the next thing to do
  • Finding better ways that we can get things done


€70 000 - €75 000 per annum